Built for long lasting and rugged living with all kindness to the enviroment. We have made 9 years of feedback and trying the best on our commitment to building the best rugged apparel possible while also send our kindness to our Mother Nature. From yarn to fabric to mill to the end of the product’s process, Kind Supply has developed for limitless products that can apply to any masculine active like chopping wood, exploring new areas, riding motocycles, or simply playing music. On top of making sustainable clothing, we’re trying to do more things to sending all kindness to the community and the wild.

Back to the Root for Classy & Timeless

KIND SUPPLY is much more than an apparel brand. It is the lifestyle, culture and the platform for social good. Our apparel is available to those who value people, enviroment and want to wearing something that long lasting with classic design. What you can write your stories, experiences on that without saying anything. We don’t like what we see about the fast fashion is doing for the people who makes our clothes and the planet. That’s why we’ve decided to do more with all kindness.



The Kind Supply creates classic and timeless clothing crafted out of the finest materials to the premium quality. This is not really reproduction clothing; rather the study of classic denim and workwear/military styles and constructing them for rugged lifestyle. No attention is paid to fashion trends! From the selection of the type of cotton used, to the weave of fabrics, The Kind Supply helps close the loop to create a cradle for the supply chain. This also includes designing and producing bespoke fabrics. It’s all about protecting our Mother Earth. No matter where you live, we only have only one world to take care of. We are guarantee to using recycled and organic fibers. This will help reduce water use, eliminate chemicals and pesticides that harm workers and leak into the river.


With our commitment to creating long-lasting and environmentally friendly products, we can’t do it alone. Our products are not only made at our garment in Viet Nam. Kind Supply’s Team and our construction partners – together we’ll challenge the way the clothing industry operates. From sourcing to sewing, we are trying our best for sending more sustainable to you and our Mother Nature.


“Be the kind human” is the biggest mission of us. As you know, we’re always choose the organic materials for less wasted and be eco-friendly to the enviroment. For every item sold of our house brand products, we’ll planting 5 trees with the collaboration of us and One Tree Planted. They are a great organization with a goal and vision that aligns with ours. Not just even send the kindness to Mother Nature, we’ll send 5% of our total sales for the Life Vest Inside. Together, We’ll be partnering with other companies who share our values, awesome customers, and local organizations to have no bad days. We’ll do things like blaze trails, clean up trash, help out on a farm and whatever else our community wants to learn about and participate in. Let’s make inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness.

It will be great to meet you in person when you’re in town. Stop by and say hello. We’re always welcome you at our place.