CHUP Socks – TALLINN Ink Blue


TALLINN – The winter of Estonia, which faces the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe, is particularly harsh. We found mittens in Estonia which had a different pattern from the rest of the mitten on the thumb and back of the hand, and realized this design between the top and sole of the foot of these socks. “Tallinn” is the capitol of Estonia and means Danish castle. 

  • Produced by Glen Clyde in Japan
  • Beautifully constructed from 87% Wool, 12% Nylon and 1% Polyurethane
  • Handlinked toes are practically seamless. Created by linking the stitches of the two sides of the toe seam together with one thread creating a comfortable, flat seam
  • Three quarter length
  • Medium weight socks
  • Sizes: Small (UK 4 to 7), Medium (UK 7.5 to 10) and Large (UK 10 to 12)
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